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14 Aug 2013
2:45 pm

Local photographer stunned after J-Lo buys his work

South African surf photographer Ant Fox was earlier this month left flabbergasted when American pop singer Jennifer Lopez bought some of his work.

Jennifer Lopez.. Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons (Angela George).

2OceansVibe reports that the Cape Town-based photographer had his big break when the Ralph Lauren store in Long Island, New York, agreed to display some of his work, which caught the popular singer’s eye.

“A friend got in touch and said they heard the store was looking for a beach/ocean feel and that I should submit some prints,” Fox explains.

“I really didn’t expect them to get as far as appearing in the store, let alone being sold to someone as big as J-Lo. They even had my website stencilled on the window. The whole thing has been quite surreal, to be honest.”

A keen surfer himself, Fox explains of his unique take on the ocean-inspired photographs: “When someone like Kelly Slater or Jordy Smith is surfing Pipeline, the number of photographers in the water is mind-blowing – almost an aquatic version of the paparazzi at the Oscars.

“That’s why I’ve chosen to look beyond just your generic ‘wave pic’ hopefully capturing the emotion I feel during those epic moments.”

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