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24 Feb 2021
1:23 pm

WATCH: American comedian angers with township tales of machetes and necklacing

Kaunda Selisho

Funnyman Bert Kreischer claims to have encountered machetes, malaria, mob justice and necklacing on a trip to South Africa.

American comedian Bert Kreischer on the 'Joe Rogan Experience'. | Picture: Screenshot

A short clip from a recent episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” has sparked outrage among South African social media users aboout how far-fetched the story seems.

The clip was lifted from an episode featuring comedian Bert Kreischer and shared on social media, leaving South Africans with more questions than answers.

“Bro there’s parts of South Africa that are rough,” begins Rogan, to which Kreischer interjects, “you think?!”

“I’ve been to those,” adds Kreischer.

“Apparently car-jacking down there is just f***ing out of control,” said Rogan.

Kreischer then told the tale of a trip he once took to an unnamed South African “shanty town” where he had gone to donate soccer balls to underprivileged children from the area.

He then claimed that the coach of the team he was donating the balls to did not welcome the gesture.

“Just shy of hitting me with a machete, he’s like ‘what the f*** are you doing? You’re going to give every kid in here a soccer ball?’ He says ‘they’re all going to get murdered on the way home because someone will kill them for their soccer ball,’” claimed Kreischer.

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He further said soccer balls have “real value” in the shanty town.

Rogan’s co-host for the episode then asked Kreischer if he got malaria on his visit, to which Kreischer said: “No, I was on those pills, I was dreaming crazy.”

Continuing his tall tales, Kreischer then tells the story of how he supposedly saw a man sprinting down the street while he was outside enjoying his morning coffee.

“Our handler is like ‘oh yeah’ and I go ‘what?’ and he goes ‘I heard about this, he stole a pillow, don’t worry, they’re going to necklace him.’”

Rogan and Kreischer’s mentions have been filled with questions from South Africans since Tuesday evening as they tried to determine which part of South Africa this took place in.

Many were also offended by the mention of machetes and malaria.

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