Sandisiwe Mbhele
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10 May 2021
1:49 pm

WATCH: Leo Prinsloo parody is the gift that keeps on giving

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The dramatic cash-in-transit heist has been given a spoofy.

South Africa’s very own badass, Leo Prinsloo is still capturing the hearts and minds of many locals.

The video of the cash van driver outwitting would-be robbers during a highly charged cash-in-transit heist attempt in April is still being talked about globally.

Prinsloo took evasive action, manoeuvering through traffic on the N4 highway in Pretoria to escape the shooters, while telling his partner, Lloyd Mtombeni, to grab a rifle and get ready.

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The heist video has been viewed millions of times and reviewed numerous times by content creators on YouTube. There is now a parody video of the dramatic footage.

The video was posted by author and former radio host Eusebius Mckaiser on Facebook.  The parody was acted out by Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala from East Coast Radio’s breakfast team.
Recorded in the parking lot, audio of gun shots are played in the background as Maule reenacts Prinsloo’s dialogue. He hilariously gives Tshabalala a toy gun who continues to point it at him. Tshabalala, calm as Mthombeni in the original, then tries to solve a Rubik’s cube, plays a game of chess and even does a card trick.

Watch the hilarious spoof below:

Deon Coetzee, MD of Fortis Pro-Active Defence Solutions, where Prinsloo works said similar attacks happened at least six or seven times a day, with four attacks recorded on the same day as Prinsloo’s .

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