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7 Jun 2021
10:22 am

AKA back on the socials with ‘Piss on Your Grave’ post

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The rapper's song choice in one of his posts on Instagram is in poor taste, with eyebrow-raising lyrics leaving many confused.

AKA back on social media since the passing of his late fiancée Anele Nellie Tembe. Picture: Instagram

Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, is back on social media and the rapper is posting up a storm.

AKA’s previous post on his Instagram accounts have been statements in relation to his late fiancee Anele Nellie Tembe’s death, and attempts to clear his name of any allegations that he was involved in her untimely passing.

On 9 April, two days before Tembe’s death, was the last “normal” post he had, which was of a Cruz Vodka advert.

His posts over the weekend, however, have left an eerie feeling for some.

One of the videos in his Instagram stories showed AKA in a field dancing, but the song choice, Travis Scott’s Piss on Your Grave, was eyebrow-raising to say the least.

‘Piss on Your Grave’

AKA on his Instagram stories. Picture: Screengrab

It can easily be assumed that the song choice is in poor taste, particularly since the circumstances of his late fiancée’s death remain contentious, along with doubts and insinuations of his alleged involvement.

The police have maintained they are still investigating the inquest docket.

AKA’s latest posts were taken in Cape Town, he also posted pictures of his dog, Mr Lou, also known as King Louie the 13th Forbes. The dog now has its own account and it has racked up over 2 000 followers.

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One of the posts, a video of his daughter Kairo Forbes, was posted on Sunday.

Last month, AKA did a controversial interview with journalist Thembekile Mrototo on the BarLeader TV YouTube channel.

This is where he described his relationship with Tembe as “passionate”, but not “toxic”. He denied he was under the influence of any substances during their relationship, and detailed how “unstable” Tembe’s mental state was.

He said: “I regret many things, not just that. In the hours after it happened, I thought about my entire relationship with her, since the start. Could I have helped her, and taken her disposition more seriously? Should I have been more pushy about her taking her medication?”

Tembe’s father, Moses Tembe, said after the interview aired that the family would not be responding to all the statements made by AKA. They added they wanted to “avoid any possible conflict which could arise to all the legal inquires”.

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