Kaunda Selisho
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22 Jun 2021
2:12 pm

Pearl Modiadie takes legal action against Metro FM

Kaunda Selisho

Modiadie has confirmed she will be taking legal action, starting with a letter of demand to the SABC.

After unsuccessfully attempting to sort out a sexual harassment matter at Metro FM using internal SABC channels, Pearl Modiadie has turned to SA's legal system. Picture: Instagram

Media personality Pearl Modiadie has taken on the mammoth task of trying to get justice after experiencing sexual harassment during her time at SABC radio station Metro FM.

Less than two weeks ago, Sunday World lifted the lid on the harassment experienced by Modiadie from an unnamed Metro FM manager.

Speaking through her legal representative, Modiade confirmed she will be taking legal action starting with a letter of demand recently served to the SABC by her lawyer, Mafona Ramothwala.

Speaking to The Citizen on Thursday, Ramothwala said: “I can confirm that a letter of demand has been served to the SABC on behalf of my client.”

In an article titled “Pearl’s Metro FM sexual harassment nightmare” the publication detailed inappropriate comments made in emails about Modiadie’s appearance as well as statements loaded with innuendo.

In one email thread in which Metro FM’s marketing team was trying to finalise the logistics for an upcoming appearance by Modiadie, the team asked the event organisers: “When do you need Pearl on stage and for how long?”

The article quotes the manager, who was cc’d, as responding: “Yho since we are there, can I also get asked that question. When do you need Pearl and for how long … you are Pimpsta of the year. Sorry guys but that was really funny.”

Modiadie registered her objection to the statement in writing, adding: “I don’t find the response funny at all. This is highly inappropriate. I’m asking about a job that I’ve been booked for by the station and you are taking it in a completely different direction. This is not the first time you’ve made such comments where I’m concerned and I will not take it any more.”

The unnamed manager responded with an apology and promised it would not happen again.

However, Modiadie told Sunday World that he often made references to her body shape and how “sexy it is” before that incident.

On the day of the email thread, Modiadie recalled being “visibly upset and in tears!”.

She told the publication the celebrity guest who was present for a studio interview on that day witnessed the aftermath of the email exchange and the manager’s subsequent in-person apology.

“I felt violated and couldn’t even show up for work the next day,” Modiadie told Sunday World.

Modiadie attempted to remedy the situation by making use of the SABC’s internal channels. She reportedly lodged a complaint against her former manager to Metro FM’s former station manager who was said to have ignored it.

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Two days after the publication of the article, the SABC took to Twitter to respond to the social media storm in reaction to the story.

“The SABC notes with concern media articles about the alleged sexual harassment case at Metro FM and the Tweet by Ms Pearl Modiadie.

“The SABC views sexual harassment in a serious light and will use its internal policies and procedures to deal with this matter. The SABC encourages any employees subjected to sexual harassment to use the corporation’s specific internal channels to report such cases,” the statement reads.

The statement was not shared on the SABC’s official press portal.

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