Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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21 Jul 2021
4:48 pm

Vusi Nova slams Finding Bongani Fassie’s drugs claim

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Vusi Nova has denied the claims made in an episode of 'Finding Bongani Fassie', that Muthaland boss Lance Stehr introduces artists to drugs.

Vusi Nova has spoken out on a claim made on 'Finding Bongani Fassie' - that his record label introduces them to drugs. Picture: Instagram, @vusinova1

Vusi Nova has slammed an episode of Bongani Fassie’s show, where he claimed that Muthaland Entertainment owner Lance Stehr gave his artists drugs so “they wouldn’t think for themselves”.

Nova posted an Instagram video responding to the allegations after many people told him to watch Finding Bongani, which airs on Moja Love.

In the episode, Bongani accuses the music executive of introducing him to drugs, with one of the late Brenda Fassie’s friends adding on to the claim.

Nova says: “One of the allegations is that Lance gives drugs to his artists so that they aren’t able to think for themselves, really?”

Nova goes on to say he has known Lance for over eight years and never has seen him do drugs or give any artists drugs. Nova has been signed to the record label for a couple of years – which is also home to Ntando, Bekezela and many others.

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“He’s certainly never given me drugs. The only drug he’s probably only given me is Grandpa,” Nova said, adding that such allegations were very damaging to the record label, artists represented by it and to Stehr himself.

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Nova, however, then touches on his previous drug use.

“I do not do drugs. I used to it at some point in my life and I spoke out about this. I spoke out about this because I wanted to help the next person who was struggling with drugs. In that part of my life, Lance wasn’t a part of it.”

In 2016, the Intliziyo hitmaker revealed to media personality Pearl Modiadie that he turned to drugs to deal with the pain of losing his mother, adding that he spent the inheritance his mom left him in 10 months.

The Citizen has reached out to Muthaland Entertainment for further comment and is still waiting for a response.