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4 Aug 2021
3:40 pm

WATCH: Charlize Theron and daughters jump off a yacht

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Actress Charlize Theron is enjoying her time with her daughters during a vacation in Greece.

Actress Charlize Theron is enjoying her time with her daughters during a vacation in Greece. Picture: Instagram, @charlizeafrica

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron shared a beautiful and rare video with her two daughters during a vacation in Greece on social media.

The South African born actor is seen on top of a yacht holding the hands of her daughters August and Jackson, on the Greek island Paros, Greece City Times reported.

She captioned her video on Instagram: “Me and my girls 4 life.”


Theron has kept her personal life quite private, and doesn’t often post pictures with her children. The last time The Old Guard actor posted her daughters was for their birthday last September.

Her vacation with her family, however, was widely snapped by the paparazzi in Paros.

Recently Theron had a question and answer session with rising star Thuso Mbedu of Underground Railway for Vogue Magazine. Mbedu stars in Berry Jenkin’s adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s novel Cora, Theron said she was quite impressed by Thuso’s performance and was excited to interview her.

“I’m so in awe of the work you have done. There’s this emerging South African talent coming forth right now and I’m just really proud and really impressed. You guys are stepping in and setting the bar,” said Charlize.

In the Zoom interview, Mbedu said playing the lead character Cora, the movie which is set in the 1800s, still represents the lives lived by black people today.

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Theron was featured in the 100 icons list for Forbes Africa magazine’s 100th issue in April, alongside Connie Ferguson, who landed on the number one spot, and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Theron who came in at number three.

Forbes Africa says the list honours celebrities’ ideas, inventions, and influential roles, as models that have helped Africa’s growth over the last decade.

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