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22 Sep 2021
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First wives put second wives in their place during ‘Mnakwethu’ reunion

Sandisiwe Mbhele

'Mnakwethu' viewers thought part one of the reunion was too short but were happy to see the first wives putting the second wives in their place.

'Mnakwethu' reunion on Mzansi Magic left audiences wanting more. Picture: Twitter

The drama continues in a show most viewers love to hate on TV right now. Mnakwethu has once again left viewers baffled.

After the much-talked-about season-two finale last week, when MaShelembe’s anguish left the audience angry, the Mnakwethu reunion aired on Wednesday evening.

The reunion was hosted by radio legend Linda Sibiya, as Musa Mseleku took a bit of a back seat during a heated part one of the “where are they now” segment.

‘Mnakwethu’ reunion

Sibiya revisited the most controversial moments of season two as the first polygamist Thembelani Mchunu was in the hot seat.

Thembelani’s quest for a second wife wasn’t going well when he asked Mseleku for help. His first wife Mam’Mthombeni felt betrayed by the request and said second wife MaKhumalo was disrespectful.

Mam’Mthombeni revealed things weren’t going well between the sister wives, saying MaKhumalo repeatedly sleeps in her sheets and doesn’t help out around in the house.

Next up was Mafuleka. The maskandi musician really knew how to keep it under wraps that he was seeing another woman. It turns out his first wife, Busiswe, and the second wife, Phume, are actually close friends.

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Busiswe was shocked to find this out, saying she repeatedly shared many secrets with Phume and felt like she was backstabbed by her friend.

Busiswe was also very vocal in the Mnakwethu special, saying she felt like she had to stand up for the first wives because the second wives thought they could “dictate ” to them, including their refusal to share the domestic responsibilities.

Even though fan-favourite MaShelembe barely featured in part one, her closing statement caught much of the attention.

She asked why Mafuleka was only providing certain necessities such as a JoJo tank because the second wife requested it, adding that the husband wasn’t providing the basics when the first wives requested them as they struggled when fetching water in the village.

In the closing episode, a sneak peek was given of part two where MaShelembe did not hold back on the second wife, MaSithole.

MaShelembe wondered why MaSithole was so arrogant and insisting she’s the “pillar” of the family when she couldn’t do so in her previous relationship where she had three kids.

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MaShelembe’s happy appearance also worried some viewers as they assumed she was still with her husband who hurt her, particularly after some members of the public offered to help her.