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Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
4 minute read
5 Oct 2021
7:36 pm

‘You aspire to tenders’ – Mmusi Maimane drags DJ Shimza and Athi Geleba

Kaunda Selisho

Shimza weighed in on a conversation that his rumoured girlfriend, Athi Geleba, started and quickly ended up on Mmusi Maimane's bad side.

The twar between Mmusi Maimane (right) and Shimza(left) began when Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency Athi Geleba responded to a tweet by Floyd Shivambu who shared pictures from the unveiling of the stadium and pondered how it could have cost R15 million to build. | Pictures: Instagram

DJ Shimza attempted to defend his rumoured girlfriend Athi Geleba and got an “L” handed to him by Mmusi Maimane instead.

The DJ was listed among the top trending topics on Tuesday afternoon when he shared his thoughts on the R15-million stadium saga and got a tongue lashing from Maimane, who told him to “send your bae flowers” instead of attempting to discuss the alleged financial mismanagement of the government officials involved in the construction of the stadium in question. 

Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency Athi Geleba responded to a tweet by Floyd Shivambu who shared pictures from the unveiling of the stadium and pondered how the grassy field with a moveable metal set of stands for crowd seating could have cost R15 million to build.

She rattled off a list of work that presumably went into “building the stadium.”


When called out about her defence of the indefensible, Geleba stated that she was just relaying the information she received about the stadium.

“That is what they issued as cost driver’s first the facility, I’m not justifying, I am merely sharing information. I am not in an informed position to make that determination. Difference,” she tweeted. 

She went on to agree with another Twitter user who said that an itemised list of the costs involved in the construction of the stadium needed to be made public. 

While she was tweeting, her rumoured lover Shimza responded: “Aowa!”, which is an expression often used in instances of shock or disbelief. 

“Defend in public and disagree in private,” tweeted @TheGoddessThumo in response to Shimza, to which Geleba replied; “Can we put up a united front please. Thank you.”

“Can never defend this nonsense. Soze! [never]” said Shimza

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Mmusi Mamiane joined the discussion at some point during the day and tweeted: “Even Shimza can’t spin these turntables.”

The pair’s initial conversation seemed normal enough but quickly took an acrimonious turn. Read Shimza and Mmusi Maimane’s Twar below:

Shimza: This one aikhona, I’m seeing a lot of engineers and people who work in construction saying it’s actually possible but people must account for clarity.

Maimane: I understand why you have to soften the blow. From my experience this project definitely did not come close to R15 million.

Shimza: O bereka construction nou? [You work in construction now?]

Maimane:  I have been involved in construction projects, I have done financial oversight on several construction projects. Maybe you just know me from twitter streets but I have extensive experience with PFMA and MFMA from my prior and current jobs. It’s a very overpriced project.

Shimza: Wena o mafundani Mos [you’re a preacher afterall], rona re di matriculants [ we are just matriculants] that can also see that this one is not it. The same way I agree with you, We also can’t discredit engineers and people who work in the field who are saying otherwise, politics aside.

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Maimane: Message your bae. Send flowers. No one forced you to enter this chat. I have a masters in Economics, while you were entering DJ competitions I was working in public office, I know what I am talking about. Bottomline, the project did not cost R15 million. There is no spin room.

Shimza: I have 6 successful businesses that I can never be fired from…

Maimane: And one relationship that you are about to be

Shimza: With a beautiful BLACK female because I don’t aspire to whiteness

Maimane: You aspire to tenders. Send your bae flowers

Shimza: I repeat, I have 6 businesses that are doing quiet well. Never needed tenders and will never in the near future, wena o “Yes Bass” and that will never change

Maimane: This government event was hosted at your restaurant. How did the department of tourism choose your establishment? Did you submit a tender?

Shimza: You wana go back there like this was not dealt with, this was not a tender! Department asked for a venue and the venue took the booking, the way they do with everyone. If u have additional questions, ask the department. Should I also still question your exit from your ex bosses?


Twitter users who were online when the Twar happened shared their thoughts and in their opinion, Maimane was the victor in this battle of wits.