Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
13 Oct 2021
5:16 pm

‘Voluptuous women are owning their sexiness’- Somizi

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Somizi also has a simple message to the body shamers and haters of the body inclusive movement.

Somizi Mhlongo is loving the body positivity movement, Picture: Instagram and iStock

Somizi Mhlongo is fully on board with the body positivity movement, particularly plus-size women who are owning their sex appeal.

The terms “big”, “thick”, “voluptuous”, used to describe women in the plus-size range, have slowly become not so taboo as they were in the past. Though women with fuller figures are still body-shamed on social media and off the internet on a daily basis, there has been a conscious effort to change the conversations around body types.

Multi-talented media personality Somizi is seemingly only realising now the power this has on many women. Sharing a video on Instagram, he praised the body inclusivity era.

“I saw a lot of beautiful women dressed comfortably in all shapes and sizes. But what took my eyes and my attention were big women, voluptuous women owning it, looking so sexy, and I see it’s now becoming a trend; ladies don’t stop. Own it, the body happens once, forget about everything else,” said Somizi.

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“I see them on Tik Tok with all the criticism and everything, they are owning it. Please, you might not even do it for yourselves, but you’re doing it for the kids who are bullied at school, because of their weight. I am loving it.”

WATCH: Somizi praises plus-size women

Somizi also loved that these women weren’t afraid to show their body parts, particularly with the style of clothes that leave nothing to the imagination – dresses with high slits, deep necklines and tight clothing which in the past were considered appropriate for small to petite figures.

Somizi has a message for the haters who say that plus-size people can’t wear such clothing and should rather worry about their weight and health: “Who said that every one that is big and plus size is not concerned about those things [weight], sometimes it is beyond their control. Just say you look good, you look beautiful, I wish you well and look after yourself.”

American singer Lizzo is well known for being one of the figureheads of body positivity but has admitted the criticism can be too much at times.

She told Harpers Bazaar that being “fat” is the worst thing people can say to her at this point in her career.

“This is the biggest insecurity. It’s like, ‘How dare a pop star be fat?’ I had to own that. I feel like other people who were put on that pedestal, or who become pop stars, probably have other insecurities or have other flaws, but they can hide it behind a veneer of being sexy and being marketable,” she said.