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Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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24 Nov 2021
4:09 pm

Four times Elvis Blue made the best of a bad situation

Renate Engelbrecht

From his house flooding to game drives in the rain, Elvis Blue sure knows what to do when things don’t necessarily go as planned.

Elvis Blue. Picture: Facebook

The saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and although Elvis Blue might not be a lemonade maker, but by the looks of things, he sure makes the best of a bad situation.

The singer’s at-home ‘Oppiwater’ festival

With the recent rains in the Garden Route area, the singer was one of the unlucky ones whose house got flooded. But, he didn’t let that stand in his way.

In fact, he jokingly invited all his fans to buy tickets to his own “Oppiwater” festival, to be held in the comfort of his own home.

WATCH: Parts of Garden Route under water after severe floods

Flapping raincoats in the Pilanesberg

It seems Elvis Blue has a way of taking the rain with him, as he recently also had to make the best of a bad situation when it started raining while they were on a game drive in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve.

In his video, he says: “It’s another lovely day here in the Pilanesberg,” while the rain drips from his nose and raincoats flap in the wind.

Elvis 1 – Naughty know-it-alls 0

In September, he shared a photo of his car’s windscreen after mischievous children smeared it with Vaseline.

The singer took to Facebook with a lovely letter to the children, saying: “To the children who smeared my window with Vaseline… didn’t know it was still a thing.”

Where most people would have immediately gone looking for the culprits, Elvis Blue said: “Mischief keeps one young and that’s good. You didn’t win, because I didn’t put on my wipers,” he joked.

Backstage entertainment

It clearly also gets lonely backstage. Elvis Blue shared a TikTok video not too long ago of him dancing with a mannequin he named Maxine.

“She can dance, but she’s a little stiff,” he wrote. Well, the singer-songwriter sure knows how to keep himself busy when things get lonely.


So is die waarvoor tiktok is???

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Fun facts about Elvis Blue

  • His real name is Jan Adriaan Hoogendyk?
  • Elvis Blue was the winner of M-Net’s Idols SA.
  • He shared half his winnings with runner-up, Lloyd Cele.