Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
3 minute read
15 Dec 2021
2:36 pm

Somizi denies booking a gig in exchange for sexual favours

Kaunda Selisho

A TikTokker recently levelled some sexual harassment claims against Somizi Mhlongo and Mhlongo took to Instagram to dispute this.

Former 'Idols SA' judge, Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, media personality Somizi Mhlongo posted a video and a series of WhatsApp screenshots in an effort to dispute claims made by a TikTok user.

The user in question allegedly claimed that Somizi was preying on him and had even agreed to make a public appearance in exchange for sexual favours.

Please note: the following video contains strong and graphic language.

“There’s something I need to address that is really troubling me. I hate it. Why… why do people always take advantage of other people by blackmailing them or manipulating them and stuff like that,” began Somizi.

According to Somizi, he met the person in question a while ago and they began chatting on WhatsApp. The chatting then became flirting and at some point during all of this, Ali put Somizi on a flyer for an event that was set to be hosted by a company Ali owns.

Based on Somizi’s explanation, Ali did not go through the proper channels to book him and this caused concern with his management team after queries about his appearance at the event started flooding in.

“I confronted him. I said ‘Ali, you can’t do this without my permission da, da,da…’ and he said to me ‘I’ll pay you, we’ll sort it out,’ and I said ‘you can’t, my management is sh**ing on me’.”

Six months passed after the conversation in question, before Ali began advertising the event again as though Somizi would be part of it.

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Somizi says he then asked Ali to take down the poster or at least make it clear that he was not part of the event or Somizi would have to distance himself from the even publicly.

The former Idols SA judge says this then made Ali angry and he stopped communicating with Mhlongo. He was then forced to announce, on his social media pages, that he was not involved with the event.

“Then he goes on TikTok and says that I am angry because I wanted him to have sex with me and I was like, ‘okay, even if I wanted to, what does that have to do with the professional side of things?'”

Somizi then made reference to a chain of text messages that he is in possession of that show that there was a mutual attraction between himself and Ali that soured when Ali reportedly used Somizi’s likeness without booking him accordingly.

“Now, he is blackmailing me saying that he is going to expose me and that the reason why I posted that is because I am angry. Now he’s claiming that he is not gay, blah, blah, blah.”

The media personality went on to explain the reason behind the measures he took today and stated that he would not allow anyone to tarnish his name and make him seem predatory.

He then postulated that Ali may have started flirting with him with a view on “trapping” him and manipulating the situation later on, and said he was not going to allow that to happened.

Click here to view the rest of the screenshots on Somizi’s Instagram account.