Xanet Scheepers
Digital Lifestyle Editor
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6 Jan 2022
12:03 pm

WATCH: Jason Derulo! Singer serves fists to fans who called him Usher

Xanet Scheepers

Jason Derulo’s new year started off with a ‘hit’ that has since gone viral.

Pictures: Instagram

In an unexpected turn of events on Tuesday, R&B singer Jason Derulo’s security team had to protect his “fans” against the star’s swinging fists at a hotel in Las Vegas.

A video clip of the singer punching up one of his fans has since gone viral.

In the short video clip filmed by one of the bystanders, Derulo is seen coming down the escalator in the ARIA hotel escorted by his bodyguard. Someone can be heard shouting in the background “why you slap him dog? why you slap him?” when another voice shouts “hi Usher. F*** you!” at which point Derulo loses his cool completely and storms towards the small crowd.  

His body guard is completely taken by surprise when the hit maker uses some fancy footwork to evade his “protection”.

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Derulo charges through the red velvet ropes (usually placed strategically to protect VIPs from the crowds) and lunges forward, arms swinging.

All hell breaks lose as the singer’s fists start swinging and the “videographer” temporarily loses full visual with all the commotion.

The security guards are seen intervening when a man approaches the brawl. It is unclear whether he wanted to help Derulo or perhaps protect his friend from the hit maker’s unforgiving fists.

Watch the video below:

Bystanders told TMZ, an American Entertainment website, that Derulo had previously slapped this second guy, which is when security intervened. That part of the fight wasn’t, however, caught on video.

According to reports, the two men Derulo attacked weren’t seriously injured, having escaped the singer’s wrath with only a couple of facial wounds.

Information is still scarce, but so far no charges have been pressed against the singer.

Derulo hasn’t made any public announcements regarding the incident since news of the fist fight spread like wild fire on social media.