Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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11 Jan 2022
10:38 am

‘I’m hacked’ – Pearl Thusi says home staff have been stealing from her

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Pearl Thusi says items in her home have been going missing and that no one knows what exactly happened as there is no proof of who did it.

Actress Pearl Thusi saddened after learning her home staff has been stealing from her. Picture: Instagram @pearlthusi

Actress Pearl Thusi was left heartbroken when she found out that her home staff have allegedly been stealing from her.

The Queen Sono actress shared on Twitter on Monday that learning this information has left her saddened.

“The saddest thing is when staff in your home steal from you, it’s like losing family. And without proof of who did it – you have to pay for their crime to let them go or deal with the CCMA. That’s actually crazy,” she tweeted.

People suggested that Thusi should gather as much evidence as she can to establish what happened.

The star replied that items in her home had gone missing, and apparently no one knows what happened to them.

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“The stuff is just missing and no one knows what happened but they’re the only other people with access to the property missing [sic] I’m actually hurt. I really cared for these people,” she said.

There were suggestions that she should let her staff go and hire people who she could eventually trust.

The outspoken media personality is never far from controversy.

In 2021, she shared her frustration about her experience in business class on British Airways.

Thusi recounted her R6,000 flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town and tagged the airline during her rant, claiming they only served her sparkling and still water in business class.

“SAA is serving food even if it’s still tricky, Airlink is serving food, also tricky but it’s there. British Airways is charging 6k for business class and all you get is water.”

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Thusi then added more competitors to her argument, saying Kulula and Mango would have had a “spaza moment” if she paid that much.

“But here we are thinking we cute on business class but we are suffering,” she declared.