Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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9 May 2022
10:16 am

Like father, like son: Springbok, Jacques Potgieter’s son receives his first rugby medal

Renate Engelbrecht

At only 5-years-old, Jacques Potgieter's son is already turning into a sports star like his dad.

Jacques Potgieter and his son. Image: Instagram

When the time came to hand out talents for sports, Jacques Potgieter and Angelique Gerber’s son was clearly first in line. The 5-year-old seems to be a natural, evidently doing his dad proud.

“First medal for the little champ,” the Springbok wrote in a post shared on Instagram where he proudly holds his beaming son. “Daddy is proud of you. #rugby daddy pride.”

This follows a post Potgieter shared in April, with his son proving that he has a natural talent for tennis too. “So much love for this little boy,” he wrote. “#tennis #5yearsold #natural.”

It was in March that the proud dad shared pictures of his son’s very first rugby game.

He captioned the post: “A very proud father. There are no words to describe the love I have for you, my son. #1rstrugbygame #rugby #proudfather #unconditionallove”

Jacques and Angelique share three children together – their 5-year-old son and twin daughters who turned four in February.

It was amidst their daughters’ birthday celebrations that News24 reported there are rumours that the celebrity couple might be heading for divorce.

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According to the article, the couple parted ways following the cheating scandal that was all over the news a mere six months ago. An insider told News24 that despite Jacques’s attempts to salvage their relationship, Angelique has been hesitant to give their relationship another try.

Angelique also shared a reel of her son on the rugby field recently, merely captioning it: “Garsies!” referring to the Pretoria-based school, Garsfontein Primary School. Afrikaans singer, Nadine, who also fell victim to a cheating scandal recently, commented on the post, saying: “I don’t know enough, but sister, it looks like your little man has talent!”

Meanwhile, Angelique has been preparing for the very first female Boxop event, taking place in June, with her daughter, Olivia clearly one of her biggest fans.

By the looks of things, the celebrity couple’s genes are sure to give their kids a head start in life.