Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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13 May 2022
11:12 am

Afrikaans actress, Rolanda Marais pregnant at 44

Renate Engelbrecht

Rolanda Marais is pulling out all the vintage fashion stops after being pleasantly surprised with the blessing of pregnancy at the age of 44.

Actress Rolanda Marais, pregnant at 44. Picture: Instagram

Afrikaans actress, Rolanda Marais revealed her pregnancy on Instagram earlier this week, by sharing a photo of her 20-week baby bump.

“The biggest slip-up of 2022!!!” posted the elated actress. “But a welcome one. Didn’t think I would have to start buying nappies again at 44, but here we go.”

In the photo, Rolanda poses with her daughter, Charlotte wearing a vintage, tie-dye skirt and a red shirt, saying: “A baby brother for our Charlotte. She is so excited, it makes my heart sing. #20weeks.”

This is Rolanda’s second child with director husband, Jozua Malherbe.

According to Sarie Magazine she was dumbfounded when she found out about her pregnancy. “I am 44 and I didn’t think slip-ups like that still happen at this age.”

Still, she carries her age and her baby bump well, getting creative with all kinds of fashion combinations.

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In her latest Instagram post, she is also seen wearing an 80s skirt which she says fits her baby bump perfectly.

She also shared a second photo in which she wore the same skirt as a summer dress, making it the perfect dual-purpose wardrobe item for anyone with a passion for sustainable fashion.

“Going to try and wear what I have in my cupboard, as long as it fits in some or other way,” she wrote, although she admits that her options are getting fewer and fewer as her baby bump grows.

Apart from her passion for vintage fashion and her clearly natural and admirable modelling talents, Rolanda is also known for her world-class acting, with roles in Poppie Nongena, Trackers, The Seagull and SLOT, and more recently her role as Candy in the series, Recipes for Love and Murder.