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20 Jun 2022
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WATCH: 10 shocking crimes committed by celebrities

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From second degree murder to assault and drug smuggling, here are some of the most despicable crimes committed by international celebs.

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Some of Hollywood’s brightest stars fell quite far after they were convicted of some serious crimes.

While some of them managed to claw their way back to the top, others were not as fortunate and are still serving jail time today.

Here is a list of 10 crimes committed by celebrities:

This list only looks at criminal cases that resulted in a conviction. Alleged crimes and civil suits are not included in this list.

Matthew Broderick

Best known for his roles as the title character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Nick in Godzilla, and David Lightman in WarGames, as well as the voice of adult Simba in Disney’s The Lion King in 1994, the American actor was responsible for the deaths of a 28-year-old woman and her mother after he crashed into their car.

While driving in Northern Ireland with his then-girlfriend, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey, Broderick veered into another lane, crashing into an oncoming car. While the two actors survived the crash with significant injuries, the passengers in the other car were killed on impact.

The actor was initially charged with causing death by dangerous driving, however he got off with the lesser conviction of careless driving and a $175 fine.

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Tim Allen

The beloved TV family man and comedian once found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was caught with 650g cocaine at the Kalamazoo Battle Creek airport in the United States.

Known for his roles as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on the ABC/Fox sitcom Last Man Standing, the actor pleaded guilty to felony drug trafficking charges, Allen received a reduced sentence of 3 to 7 years, after cutting a deal with prosecutors.

The star has been sober since 1998 and has had a very successful acting career.

Lil’ Kim

Rapper Kimberley Jones known as Lil’ Kim was sentenced to one year in federal prison four years after her bodyguard and manager were involved in a shooting.

In 2001 Lil’ Kim’s manager and bodyguard were involved in a shootout outside a radio station in New York. The shooting left one man severely injured. During their trial the rapper testified in front of a grand jury that she hadn’t seen either of the two men at the scene on that fateful day.

However, surveillance footage was uncovered that proved that all three of them were together in front of the building. This resulted in the rapper being convicted of perjury for lying to a federal grand jury.

Watch the video below to see who the other 7 celebs are and what crimes they were convicted of:

Compiled by Xanet Scheepers.