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23 Jul 2022
7:44 pm

William or Harry? Who’s the sexiest member of the British royal family?

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A study has drawn up a ranking of the sexiest members of the British royal family, according to Twitter users.


The charm of the British is evidently working its magic on social media. On Twitter, fans don’t hesitate to share their love – and desire – for their favourite celebrities, not to mention members of the British royal family.

By analysing almost 115,000 tweets containing the words “hot,” “horny,” and “sexy,” a study determined the 10 members of the British royal family seen as the sexiest by users on the platform.

Prince William leads the ranking with 1,204 tweets in total. His brother, Prince Harry comes third, with 1,126 tweets, slightly behind his wife, former actress Meghan Markle, with 1,196 tweets.

The controversial pair, who left the United Kingdom for the United States, is the sexiest couple, with 2,322 tweets in common, compared to 2,005 tweets for the future King and Queen of England.

Kate Middleton comes only seventh, far behind her sister-in-law, and is surpassed by Lady Amelia Windsor, the cousin of Princes Harry and William. Indeed, the 26-year-old is one of the most fashionable models of the moment.

While Camilla Parker Bowles doesn’t make the ranking, her husband, Prince Charles, flies the flag for the family’s older members by taking tenth place in the list. 

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Top 10 sexiest British royals, according to Twitter users (rank, name, number of tweets):

1. Prince William – 1,204

2. Meghan Markle – 1,196

3. Prince Harry – 1,126

4. Mike Tindall – 1,003 

5. Lady Amelia Windsor – 905 

6. Princess Beatrice – 901

7. Kate Middleton – 801

8. Zara Tindall – 598

9. Princess Eugenie – 504

10. Prince Charles – 446

Methodology: The study was conducted by the lingerie brand Pour Moi. 113,104 tweets were extracted from Twitter and analysed using the Octoparse web data extraction tool, dating back to 2019. The total number of tweets per celebrity was sorted from highest to lowest to reveal the Royals with the “thirstiest” fan bases. Correct data as of July 2022.