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Batlile Phaladi
2 minute read
23 Apr 2015
2:23 pm

Robert Marawa is an absent father- Zoe Mthiyane

Batlile Phaladi

The multi-talented sport presenter Robert Marawa's baby mama labelled him an irresponsible father after alleged months of not supporting his son Awande.

FILE PICTURE: Robert Marawa during the PSL media briefing, where the PSL Cup Sponsorship will be announced, held at Summer Place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Lefty Shivambu / Gallo Images

In an open letter, Marawa’s baby mama Zoe Mthiyane expressed her frustrations on how she has been struggling with their son “while you enjoy a life of luxury in full public view”.

Mthiyane recounted the number of times on which she tried to reach the sport presenter about their 18-month-old boy.

“I have attempted, on numerous occasions to involve you in your son’s life, before I left South Africa and during my stay in Australia. I have sent pictures, videos, called and emailed you, my son never heard from you,” Mthiyane said in the letter.

However, Marawa told Sunday Sun that: “I have sent them an email and I have not heard anything from them. My only interest is my child. My legal team will work on this matter” – the statement that infuriated the baby mama.

In her letter, she labelled Marawa’s claims a “blatant lie”, showing the public the number of e-mails she had been sending to the sport journalist.

In one of the e-mails that Mthiyane claimed to be intimidating, Marawa wrote: “I acknowledge and respect your privacy, peace and tranquillity. Regardless, I am content that as the natural father, I am inclined to reasonable access to Awande. For the avoidance of protracted legal processes, I request that we attain an immediate and resolute agreement regarding the upbringing of our child. Your prompt response is anticipated within 5 days hereof.” In Mthiyane’s response, she referred Marawa to her legal team saying: “I was advised to respond with my legal representatives who have since written 2 legal letters to yourself and to date, contrary to your above comments, you have not responded.”

Mthiyane said her fury was caused by Marawa’s national billboard in which he claimed to be a ‘responsible father and Uncle’ “while knowing you have no role in your only son’s daily life”.

She added in the letter that her lawyers proceed with all legal options available to them to make Marawa take responsibility for his son’s psychological, emotional and financial wellbeing.

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