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Michelle Loewenstein
2 minute read
28 Nov 2013
6:00 am

Maponyane in the pink

Michelle Loewenstein

Maps Maponyane has always been admired for his sense of style and good looks. The versatile model/presenter has recently launched his own clothing range and added "fashion designer" to his impressive resumé.

Maps Maponyane nominated fro best styled male. Picture: Supplied.

We asked him a few questions about fashion – and whether real men wear pink.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d describe my style as being an amalgamation of different style forms and into something that is my own. But the consistent theme is clean lines, attention to detail, and quirkiness.

Do you enjoy experimenting with fashion?

Yeah, definitely, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable if you couldn’t experiment and try new things.

In previous generations, pink was seen as a no-no for men. Why do you think that was?

I think it was just a societal fabrication. It was simply said that pink was for girls and blue for boys, and once that was decided then breaking out of that mould was difficult.

Do you think the colours you wear are linked to your masculinity?

Not at all, I think if anything the confidence you wear your colours with is linked to your masculinity. If you can be comfortable and confident in your own skin and look good, then who’s to make any judgments on your level of masculinity.

Do you think men are more open to experimenting with their style than in previous years?

Definitely. Fashion for men has grown in a big way and these days there are just as many trends for women as there are for men. It shows that more men are willing to take risks with their style and are more conscious of their appearance, which I don’t think is ever a bad thing if you know what your limits are.

What are your top five fashion tips for men?

  •  Make sure the clothes you pick fit you properly.
  •  Always ensure you have a brown and black belt.
  •  A black and navy blue fitted suit is essential.
  •  Do not attempt to directly take outfits from a mannequin, if anything use that as a guideline and adapt it to what’s best suited for you.
  •  A good pair of blue denim jeans is a must.
  •  And if you own a pair of white square-toe loafers then you should discard them (a polite way of saying “burn them”).

What is the biggest fashion mistake that you have ever made?

I remember succumbing to the big belt buckle phase with my shirt tucked into it when I was still in my early teens. It’s safe to say I’ll never do that again.