Tshepiso Makhele
1 minute read
6 Jun 2016
11:04 am

AKA’s Sama loss trending on Twitter

Tshepiso Makhele

#AKAwinanga and #AKAbonanga are mocking the star's award no-show at the Samas.

AKA. Image: Youtube

For AKA fans, the SA Music Awards (Samas) held on Saturday at the Durban ICC must have been a painful experience. The popular rapper who did all he could on social media to push for a win walked away with nothing.

Twitter being cruel and ruthless as always, decided to make fun of the ever-so-confident rapper for coming away empty handed, and created #AKAwinanga and #AKAbonanga to have a great laugh at AKA’s Samas misfortune.

“Got a million followers but none is voting for him, shows you people follow him because they love watching drama unfold #akawinanga,” one tweet read. “#Akawinanga…. Aka went home Emtee handed or maybe he rolled up with no awards,” another read. “This is Karma. Did AKA really think he can disrespect his baby mama and get away with it? The world is a cold place #AKAbonanga #AKAwinanga,” the tweets went on.

Refusing to take disrespect lightly and always quick to respond on twitter, AKA hit back at the sarcasm. “The crazy thing is, win or lose, for better or worse …. You talk about me,” he jotted down on twitter, adding that though he didn’t get an award for the second year running, he is glad that “the record of the year belongs to SA hip hop.”