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6 Sep 2016
8:41 am

Watch: ‘Blame It On The Whites’ song

Citizen Reporter

Racial scapegoating can now even happen to a catchy beat and tune.

This rather odd song came out in July, but we somehow missed it. The chorus is super catchy, so if you find yourself singing “blame it on the whites” while you’re at your PC at work, don’t blame it on us.

What jumped out at us was the fact that there’s screenshot in the music video from a Citizen article about Public Protector Thuli Madonsela talking about blaming white people. You can read that article here.

The song and video has proven reasonably popular on YouTube, garnering more than 34 000 views by September.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of it ourselves.

The singer-songwriter wrote this disclaimed on YouTube to accompany his song:

Before this song is misinterpreted, let me issue a DISCLAIMER by way of an EXPLANATION, without prejudice…..

Perhaps the simplest way to explain the lyrics of this song is as follows…..

Despite the fact that all the CHORUSES are the same, excluding the last one,
VERSE 1 renders CHORUS 1 true,
VERSE 2 renders CHORUS 2 sarcastic.
VERSE 3 renders CHORUS 3 ironic, and…
VERSE 4 renders CHORUS 4 reconciliatory.

It’s a simple as that!