Genevieve Vieira
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3 Jul 2014
7:00 am

Pixie Bennett: High style, low maintenance

Genevieve Vieira

Singer Pixie Bennett has always been more than just a lovely voice. She's that girl in a group of friends that all the other girls want to be.

The stylish Pixie Benne on the cover of her debut album ‘A Thousand Paper Birds’. Pictures: Supplied

She’s confident, unique and effortlessly stylish, the type that stands out in a crowd.

She may be small, but she makes a hell of an impression. And though recently having given birth to her first child, her fiery sense of style is still ablaze and adding extra oomph to her magnetic onstage performance.

“I’ve always enjoyed having fun with my clothes,” she says.

“When I was five years old I insisted on dressing myself for pre-school. Some of my combinations were so outrageous that they earned me an interesting comment on my report card, which mentioned my ‘quaint’ dress sense.”

Though she’s always been fashion conscious – going the extra mile when it comes to dress-up – Bennett admits that her prominence in the public eye allows room for experimentation.

“I think being a creative personality allows me more opportunity for eccentricities,” she says.

“No matter the season, I’ve always worn bright colours and patterns. Something with a bold print and heels is the perfect party outfit. I am inspired by African and Peruvian prints and colours. And also Indian influence.”

The stylish Pixie Bennett on the cover of her debut album 'A Thousand Paper Birds'. Picture: Supplied

The stylish Pixie Bennett on the cover of her debut album ‘A Thousand Paper Birds’. Picture: Supplied

Be comfortable

Bennett still considers comfort an important factor when putting an outfit together, always asking herself “Am I comfortable?”, before stepping out the door.

“I’m not interested in being a mannequin. I want to be comfortable in my shoes, even if they are heels. I want to be warm or cool depending on the weather. If I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel confident.”

“Every woman can agree: uncomfortable shoes are a sure way to spoil your time out. Once, at the Durban July, I performed in a fan’s shoes after mine gave me blisters and what a disaster that was – I couldn’t walk in them.”

The same goes for when she’s at home, proposing plain tights with a loud track suit top as the quintessential indoor outfit.

“I have a four-month-old baby so my routine doesn’t give me much time for myself anymore,” she says.

“Nowadays, I swear by my red lipstick and mascara as a basic make-up.”

She advises: “If you want to dress down, dress down. The point is to be yourself and not like everyone else. If you want to go crazy with your fashion, then do it. Live for your own happiness and not the expectations of others.”

Music of the soul

As with her dress sense, Bennett points out that her music is a form of self-expression. Delving deep into her party persona, her debut dance album is a 10-track offering that encourages listeners to let loose while enjoying the emotional input of the songs as well.

“My original music is a reflection of my state of being and issues I may have worked through or been inspired by. This album comprises material written over a two-year period,” she says.

“It’s about a mix of emotional experiences that I hope fans can resonate with. A Thousand Paper Birds is full of soulful vocals and grooving baselines, some more for radio and some for a party.”

Did You Know?

  • Bennett is best known for her success as a finalist in Season Five of Idols SA. She went on to front the Pixie Bennett band
  •  Her debut solo album A Thousand Paper Birds is available now
  • Find her on tumblr