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23 Aug 2013
6:41 pm

Lady Gaga: ‘When I’m not on stage I don’t feel alive’

Lady Gaga only feels properly alive when she is on stage and thinks she is just like everyone else who is bursting to release their creative energy.

Lady Gaga. Image courtesy Andrea Wilson (Wikimedia commons).

The singer – who is set to give her first live rendition of her new single ‘Applause’ from her album ‘ARTPOP’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City this Sunday – finds meaning to her existence when is performing.
She said: ”When I’m not on stage I don’t feel alive. But when I hit the stage it’s like everything that I’m thinking and feeling, where I belong – that’s where it is.”
But the eccentric star doesn’t think she is different from anyone else, because most people have creative energy they want to release.
Gaga explained: ”I don’t think I am different from anybody else. I think everyone with their location and their job and what they do, their passion, feel the same way I do. It’s sort of like we are endlessly obsessing about what we are creating and then the explosion is the moment where we get to share.”
The pop genius was forced to take time out after hip surgery to correct a tear and breakage inside the joint in February and consequently cancelled the remaining dates on her ‘Born This Way Ball’, and now she is very excited about getting back to work.
The 27-year-old singer told UK station Radio 1: ”I don’t ever think about anything else other than working anyway. I’m quite used to being in a mental state. It’s a good stress, I have thought of nothing but performing since my injuries earlier in the year.”

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