Genevieve Vieira
1 minute read
18 Sep 2013
6:00 am

Purkiss is a crowd pleaser

Genevieve Vieira

Farryl Purkiss is able to draw in crowds. While this is a challenge for most artists, Purkiss pulled in a large group of fans, even without alcohol on sale (venue TanzLive's alcohol licence was revoked the night before).

A few punters made use of the liquor store next door, but for the majority, it was just about the music. That, and the chance to be among the first to see the music video for When You Were Young, the second single off Purkiss’s album Home.

Intimate as it was, both Michael Lowman (the opening act) and Purkiss gave it their all. Shy in demeanour, Purkiss nevertheless has great stage presence, captivating the audience’s attention with his blend of bluesy acoustic rock.

Each Purkiss album is more progressive than the last, with Home introducing a fuller sound. It’s a privilege to see an artist who is so passionate about his work that the only thing that matters is the music and its originality. Purkiss, for this reason, is refreshing to listen to.

The When You Were Young video was a little less than pleasing on the eye, involving an elderly couple in the act of heavy petting, for its full duration. It fits well with the theme and lyrics, yet is awkward to watch. It is bound to get people talking. Perhaps that’s the goal.