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19 Nov 2021
9:41 am

Mqhele sends up red flags as fans react to ‘The Wife’ on Showmax

Kaunda Selisho

The direction that Mqhele and Hlomu's relationship is going has left viewers of 'The Wife' anxious about "the abuse scene".

Bonko Khoza as Mqhele on the show 'The Wife' on Showmax. Picture: Instagram

After its three-episode premiere last week, the next three episodes of The Wife on Showmax are out and fans are eating the show up.

True to the modern way of watching shows, fans all over South Africa took to social media to share their thoughts in real-time while getting stuck into The Wife on Showmax.

We had some thoughts of our own while watching the show but we chose to round up the best reactions from viewers of the show.

If you’re the type of person who hates spoilers, we suggest exiting the article now because there will be spoilers ahead.

In the latest episodes, Nkosana deals with the aftermath of his actions in episode three which leads to a major power shift within the taxi association.

As Mqhele steps in to stand by his brother’s side, he pulls away from Hlomu, sending her into an emotional spiral. The pair are soon reunited and they go on to consummate their relationship, which leads to the end of her relationship with Sandile.

Check out what fans had to say about episodes 4 – 6 of The Wife on Showmax:

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The Wife is a drama series streaming exclusively on Showmax that is based on the series of best-selling books by author Dudu Busani-Dube.

The first few seasons of the show, produced by Stained Glass productions, are loosely based on the first three books in Busani-Dube’s series. The books follow the drama-filled lives of the Zulu brothers as seen through the eyes of the women that love them.

Though the cast of The Wife on Showmax was met with some criticism, that all seems to be forgotten as fans fall more in love with the cast each week.

In fact, the show is such a smash hit that it has broken previous Showmax records set by shows such as Devilsdorp, uThando Lodumo and The Real Housewives of Durban.