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13 Jan 2022
3:17 pm

The Wife: Is Mqhele Zulu cancelled?

Kaunda Selisho

This week's episodes of 'The Wife' have caused fans of the Hlomu book series to re-evaluate why they ever loved Mqhele Zulu.

Kwenzo Ngcobo (who plays Qhawe Zulu) and Bonko Khoza (who plays Mqhele Zulu) on Showmax's new telenovela 'The Wife'. | Picture: Instagram

Seeing Mqhele Zulu and Hlomu Dlada’s relationship in living colour on The Wife has caused fans of the Hlomu book series to re-evaluate why they ever supported that love story in the first place.

Granted, the book painted more of a picture of why Hlomu fell in love with Mqhele Zulu after he did his best to woo her, but his wooing in the show leaves much to be desired.  

Episodes 28-31 of The Wife are now live on Showmax (along with a trigger warning for episode 30) and it’s safe to say Mqhele’s fan base has all but dwindled. Although fans continue to support actor Bonko Khoza for his portrayal of the character, they absolutely can’t stand the man they once fell in love with in the Hlomu book series. 

In this week’s episodes, things between Hlomu and Mqhele finally settle into a short-lived peaceful (and somewhat romantic) rhythm before his nasty temper manifests in the abusive way it has come to exist in their relationship. This after Hlomu simply enjoys some time out with her friends. 

She then comes to a realisation after taking note that she has been feeling under the weather for some time. 

Viewers of The Wife also get their first look at Zandile (played by Khanyi Mbau), who finds out about her son’s death two weeks after the fact. 

This part of the show also gives viewers a glimpse into what goal the Zulu brothers are working towards and why they are orchestrating all the heists. They are looking to raise money to grease some palms at the highest levels in order to get Zandile out of jail.

Meanwhile, Lerato loses her job and spirals in spectacular fashion as her relationship with Lux takes an ugly turn. 

Much like Nkosana, Lux is also looking into the Zulu brothers’ past in an effort to link recent deaths in their home town to what happened that fateful night their parents died. 

Dlakadla continues to try and mislead the Zulu brothers in their quest to find out who led the charge in getting their parents killed but he is outed in the most unexpected way. 

Elsewhere, Sandile makes his return to the show when Hlomu finds herself in need of medical attention after Mqhele Zulu viciously takes out his anger on her. 

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