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13 May 2022
11:01 am

RHOD reunion: The queen finally gets an apology from Annie and Londie

Lerato Maimela

The reunion of RHOD concluded on Friday morning, and now only one question remains...who will be back for season 3 of the show?

Jojo Robinson, Nonku Williams, and MaKhumalo. Picture: Instagram

The first part of The Real Housewives of Durban reunion unpacked some of the issues the ladies had with each other during season 2 of the reality television show.

Thobile got the chance to tell LaConco how she really felt about her behaviour towards her throughout the season, while LaConco and Londie London hashed out their drama realising they could never have a real friendship because of how secretive LaConco tends to be.

Annie spoke about the emotional and psychological toll she experienced from being cyberbullied by viewers of the show who felt she was a mean girl who bullied and mistreated all of the other housemates on the show.

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The second and final part of the RHOD reunion sees Nonku’s mother joining the other housewives.

Without wasting any time, the host of the RHOD reunion, Donovan Goliath played a clip from season 2 of the reality television show where Londie’s mother asks her why Nonku’s mother refers to herself as a queen.

Nonku’s mother’s response to the question was that she is simply a queen and knew herself to be one, even before everyone else referred to her as one, and that because she is a queen she does not have to answer to anyone.

The next issue that was addressed was Annie and Londie believing for the longest time that Nonku’s mother once said during her daughter’s dinner party that the ladies might be beautiful, but they are not the brightest and smartest group of people.

After watching the episode carefully, Londie apologised to the queen and explained that her and Annie misunderstood what she said and what she meant.

“We misunderstood you. I only saw you pointing at your head, and I didn’t hear what you said after that. I am sorry,” said Londie.

The queen responded to Londie and Annie’s apologies by saying that she had long forgiven them, and that she loves all of the housewives who she got the chance to spend time with throughout the season of the show.

Donovan then moved on to the ongoing issue that all of the housewives had with Nonku and her excessive drinking habits.

When Goliath asked the ladies what their actual problem was with Nonku and her drinking, Sorisha said her main concern was that Nonku told her that often when she drinks she blacks out and does not remember any of the things she said while drinking with the other ladies the night before.

The topic ended with Nonku explaining that she felt the need to protect herself whenever she was attacked by the ladies, and that she was extremely hurt that they would speak about her behind her back instead of addressing the issue with her face to face.

Season two of RHOD ended off with the ladies taking a trip hosted by Annie to Sun City where they got the chance to get to know each other better while having fun in the water and under the sun.

The host of the show ended the reunion by unpacking the intervention which the ladies had for LaConco about her secretive personal life.

All the ladies kept to their sentiments, expressing they can never build any friendships with her because they no longer trust her as she has lied to them many times before.

The other issue which was unpacked from the Sun City trip was the heated argument Jojo and Mabusi got into which ended with Jojo throwing water in Mabusi’s face.

When Goliath asked Jojo why she would conclude the argument by being aggressive towards Mabusi, she said her actions are not justified, and then went on to apologise to Mabusi for pouring water on her explaining she had a lot of built up tension which she unfortunately took out on Mabusi.

Here are some of the reactions from part 2 of the reunion of The Real Housewives of Durban: