How to make your bedroom look and feel cosier

A bedroom is an important part of your home and a key contributor to your wellbeing at home.

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping, which makes the bedroom is one of the most used spaces in the home. With this fact in mind, it makes sense that your bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible. Added to that, with winter coming up, many of us will likely want to spend hours snuggling up in bed. There are many interior design principles you can use to make your bedroom look and feel cosier.

Have a ‘no-tech’ rule in your bedroom

In this digital age, we spend so much time-consuming information through various types of technological devices. Make your bedroom a sanctuary by shutting out technology completely or at least minimise the amount of time you spend using it.

Avoid having a TV in your bedroom as research shows that people who have TVs in their bedrooms tend to sleep later and have more disrupted sleeping patterns. Besides, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom is just what you need to truly relax.

Plants can make any space feel and look more inviting

Plants can spruce up any space in your home by adding life and colour. Make sure you add them to your bedroom, they will liven up the space while introducing the tranquility of nature.

Layer blankets on your bed

Blankets are associated with warmth and comfort, which is why a bed that’s layered with them automatically looks cosier. You can layer blankets of different textures and colours on top of your duvet in creative patterns that are pleasing to the eye.

You can never really have too many pillows

Skip the standard 2 or 4 pillows and add more pillows to your bed. Why not incorporate different shapes, sizes, and colours for a cosier, more inviting-looking bed? You should make sure the pillows you add are also comfortable so that they can serve both a functional and decorative purpose.

Add some fluffy area rugs

Getting out of a warm bed and feeling a hard and cold surface beneath your feet is both unpleasant and a bad way to start your day. Add some fluffy area rugs that will make stepping out of bed more comfortable, your feet will thank you. Plus, they also look soft and inviting, which means your brain will register your bedroom as a warm and inviting space.

Paint your bedroom a darker colour

Although lighter coloured walls can make a room appear more spacious, darker walls do the opposite and create an atmosphere of comfort. You should opt for cool, dark tones that will envelop your room.

Add some black-out curtains

Black-out curtains blocks out any light from windows when they’re closed. They’re perfect for those days when you want to sleep in and spend a few more hours in your bedroom.

Turn your lights down low

Purchase lighting that can be adjusted to dim settings to set a comfortable mood at night. Unlike bright and harsh lighting, dim lighting invokes feelings of relaxation because it increases melatonin levels which helps you feel at ease.

Using the top design tips above, you can make sure your bedroom looks and feels as cosy as possible.

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