How to add a sense of nostalgia to your home in 2022

Why you need nostalgia in your home and how to do it. 

Colour, texture, scent and light are all emotional memory triggers and for this reason we love the growing interior trend of adding heirlooms and sentimental items into otherwise modern homes to add a sense of nostalgia. Learn how to bring this trend into your space and how it can enrich your emotional wellbeing with these three steps from behavioral strategist, Kim Williams.

Welcome back the old

Living in a pandemic means we don’t have the opportunity to visit family overseas as often as we would like to, see friends as much as usual or go out and create new memories the way we used to. This makes seeing and remembering old memories from a pre-pandemic world more important than ever. Displaying retro items and travel memorabilia from “the good old days” does not only bring joy when you see them, but is also an eco-trend that fits perfectly with the uprising of repurposing.

Create an emotional sanctuary

The focus is on creating sanctuaries in our homes. The key to any great sanctuary is how you layer it. Think textures, fabrics and colours. Now layer in old and new furniture and memorabilia to create spaces in which we feel psychologically safe. This is especially important for younger generations who might be struggling to navigate the disconnected social spaces in which they are growing up. Give them a space where they can embrace the new-age vintage of the 80s and 90s in fun ways.

Adapt the space

Working from home is here to stay in 2022, which means our space needs to be adaptable. Kim predicts the need for adaptability will see us ditch bustling open spaces in favour of modular micro-environments that can provide connection and solitude as they are required for different tasks. Bringing nostalgia into these spaces will change how you connect with the environment and induce emotion, enhance productivity and create a sense of relaxation.

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