Fiat Professional making a difference

Fiat Professional donated five Fiat Doblo Cargos to Meals on Wheels, a charity initiative focused on underprivileged and hungry South Africans.

“While the plight of thousands of hungry South Africans centres around simple access to healthy diets, the logistics of actually making that food available relies on quality transport solutions, often to the most rural areas across great distances,” Vaughn Marescia, Dealer Principal of Hillcrest Fiat, part of FMGH Motor Holdings.

Vaughn Marescia handed over five Fiat Doblo Cargos vehicles to the Meals on Wheels charity to help overcome the logistics of delivering food to those in need.  The small cargo minivans are an ideal vehicle for the task at hand as it offers versatile solutions for light loads thanks to its clever packaging. “This versatility and secure internal storage make the Doblo Cargo a perfect solution to Meals on Wheels’ mission to deliver food parcels to South Africans in need,” Graham Eagle, Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) South Africa.

World Food Day recognises the plight of 870 million undernourished people in the world and is continuously executing projects to combat global malnutrition with the full, projects spearheaded by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. The donation of five vehicles might be small in the greater context but is making a great difference to those in need in South Africa. As part of the donation, the Fiat Professional team assisted in the preparation of food that ultimately fed 10 000 in aid of World Food Day.

The preparations which included peeling, grating, cutting, frying and steaming scrumptious meals for 10,000 pre-determined beneficiaries were closely monitored by Master Chefs before being delivered with the Fiat Doblo Cargo vehicles.



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