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Choosing the right and relevant career is critical to a matriculants future

It is known that choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions that matriculants are facing. There are three important elements that must be considered. Firstly, “What am I passionate about?” is a key question that should drive one’s decision-making process. The subject matter or field must be something that is cared about enough to make a long term commitment.

The second element is relevance; in these fast-changing times a career that is favourable today may be redundant tomorrow. It will be a disfavor not to mention that the creative and media industries have continued to grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst many industries have suffered great losses. Some of the biggest companies today were born in times of recession such as the popular Google and Facebook. The media sector has become central to all industries through their marketing and communication segments. Demand for “Content” is ever growing.

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Thirdly, choosing a college is vital. There are huge gaps between education and industry.

In more dynamic careers such as those in the media sector one may require more than a desk and chair classroom environment.

One of the leading colleges that offer accredited qualifications in the field of media studies is Creative Arts College the education division of the South African Film Institute. Their offerings are career aligned and practical. Creative Arts College programmes also includes all the tools the student will need to access the media sector such as demo tapes, photoshoots, show reels and an interactive portfolio. It may help to read more about opportunities and pathways off their website

Upskill and position yourself to become an asset to the growing economy with passion, relevance and education has your guide.


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