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Domestic workers’ minimum wage increased

The Department of Labour has announced a minimum wage increase for domestic workers.

Minister of Labour Mildred Oliphant said domestic workers are to get a wage increase of between 8% and 10%, depending on the hours and areas in which they work.

The wage hike will take effect from 1 December, and continue until the end of November next year, when it will be reviewed,Northcliff Melville Times reported.

Department of Labour spokesperson Mokgadi Pela said in terms of the domestic sectoral determination, an employee that worked more than 27 hours a week in an urban area should be paid no less than R2 230.70 per month, while one who worked less than 27 hours per week should be paid no less than R13.39 per hour.

A Zimbabwean domestic worker based in Honeydew welcomed the pay hike, saying the money that she earned was used to buy food and now that the increase will take effect soon, she would have some extra money for other things.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she did not have a full-time job but she preferred to do piece work as she was able to earn more that way.

“I cannot work under one employer because then my salary will be capped at a certain amount and things are tough enough already. I have a nine-year-old son to support,” she explained.

The domestic worker added that her wages vary depending on where she works. It varied from R150 to R250 per day, which enabled her to earn about R5 000 per month.

She pointed out that the greatest problem she experienced was working late, which she said happened often and led to her arriving home late. She added that she used around R1 400 a month for transport to get to and from work.

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