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Church celebrates Valentine’s Day

Mampe said prayer overcomes all the challenges that you can face as a couple.

The Roman Catholic Church in Vosloorus organised a Valentine’s Day celebration for more than 80 couples on Sunday, February 19.

The purpose was to celebrate Valentine’s Day and at the same time show care for all those church members who have lost their loved ones.

The church organised speakers from its head office to give advice to the couples. Among the speakers were Kabelo and Bridgette Senne, who specialise in giving advice to married couples.

Kabelo and Bridgette said they have been happily married for more than 13 years and had two children in wedlock.

Kabelo thinks that openness and communication are the key to a healthy marriage.

“Be open with each other about your finances because it is a big reason why couples break up,” said Kabelo.

Bridgette advised couples not to carry grudges.

“Forgiveness makes couples happy. If you carry a grudge it means you don’t love that person,” said Bridgette.

Present at the event was Andrew and Mampe Tiro, a couple who work with challenged marriages. They advised couples on how to make their marriages work no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Andrew said he and Mampe have been happy for more than 12 years and had two children in wedlock.

Andrew said the interference of family frustrates couples in their marriages.

“Don’t allow your family members to interfere if you have a misunderstanding as a couple. Family members are sometimes very biased,” said Tiro.

Mampe said prayer overcomes all the challenges that you can face as a couple.

“Find time whereby you and your spouse can pray together. Any challenges that you may face can be defeated through prayer,” said Mampe.

Parish priest Smilo Mngadi said marriage is a symbol of the relationship between Christ and his congregation.

“It is good that you get married if you are a Christian. We don’t encourage people to stay together if they are not married.

“Actually there is no excuse for not getting married. Money is not an excuse. Getting legally married is very cheap unless you want to organise a big ceremony. But I would like to advise people to get married in a cheap way and then think of organising big ceremonies later on,” said Mngadi.

Mngadi said the church prayed for people who were married traditionally. He added that on the day the church blessed their marriages it also issued such couples with marriage certificates.

The church also prayed for couples who were renewing their vows.

Engaged couples were also prayed for, as were the widowed and divorced.

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