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Thank you for the nyaope story

My son was only 23 years old when he was attacked and killed by a group of residents.

My son was only 23 years old when he was attacked and killed by a group of residents in Limpopo in 2014.

He was a nyaope addict and my husband and I decided to move him from Soweto, where we were staying at the time to go and stay with my in-laws in Venda. But we were shocked to hear that he had been killed in a mob justice frenzy after he was found with stolen property in a house where he was living with his friends in Pretoria.

My husband and I later learnt that he had contacted his friends in Soweto without our knowledge and asked them to come and fetch him in Venda. Apparently, he managed to sneak out of my in-laws’ house and drove back to Gauteng with his friends. Once in Pretoria, he went back to his old ways of smoking nyaope and drinking alcohol.

Our family was shocked when we received news from one of my dead son’s friends parents in Pretoria that he had been killed by the community who accused my son and his friends of breaking into their homes and stealing stuff.

I cried uncontrollably when I read the story of how mothers of nyaope addicts have suffered because of what their children had done to the community. All I can say to all those grieving mothers is that, we keep the faith and believe in God, regardless.

I also wish to thank the management and staff at the Palm Ridge Drug Centre to continue with the good work. Your service brings hope to many parents and families whose sons and daughters are caught up in this nyaope drug mess.

To Kathorus MAIL, please keep up the good work and tell us more about the problems faced by our communities in Kathorus.

Dorothy Mayisela

Thokoza Gardens


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