Partnership between companies to help learners with maths

A five-year partnership between Thuto-Pele Secondary School, Sulabh International and Sanlam Foundation was launched on Thursday, June 22 in Katlehong.

The aim of the partnership is to assist with sanitation of the school and renovate the school’s toilets.

Thabo Chapole, the programme liaison officer who spoke on behalf of the school teachers, said they had a problem with functional toilets.

“We have more than 1 600 learners but we had few sets of toilets for them to use. Some of the toilets were not functioning at all. Now that they are renovated it means that they will be able to use all the toilets since they are all functioning,” said Chapole.

Noluthando Tungade, the representative of Sulabh International, said they believe that the learners will perform at their best if the school environment is conducive to teaching and learning.

“It means the school and its toilets must be clean. Minds function well in a clean environment,” said Tungade.

The two companies also brought to the school the maths programme that will assist both teachers and learners during teaching and learning of maths.

The two companies will conduct workshops for both teachers and learners at the school twice per term.

The workshops are going to be done through the “I’m Possible” programme initiated by Sulabh International. Sanlam will assist by financing the programme.

Constance Padi, the acting principal of the school, was excited after signing the partnership agreement.

“This programme is good, especially for the learners, because it will boost their confidence. If their confidence is high nothing will stop them from passing maths.

“We will do anything to help learners to pass maths,” said Padi.

She thanked the companies for a fruitful relationship.

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