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Colleen Qvist motivates Caxton team

Caxton recently hosted a “Motivational Morning” for the East and South production, sales and digital teams. The keynote speaker for the morning was Colleen Qvist, who addressed the teams on “Oxygen Masks – What are you doing with yours?”

Colleen is passionate about people and believes, absolutely, that each employee has a uniqueness, which is precious and valuable.

Her keynote address allowed team members to acknowledge physical, mental, emotional and behavioural messages sent by the body when stress becomes distress. People in distress are not able to live or work optimally.

According to Colleen, in the workplace, the need to feel wanted and appreciated is ingrained in our behaviour. Experiencing a lack of acknowledgement, eventually results in employees feeling disconnected. In the long run, unmet emotional needs lead to turnover, absenteeism, inefficient communication, loss of creativity, and insufficient problem solving.

Colleen encouraged individuals to evaluate their health, career, family/friends, personal growth, fun/recreation, etc. and to evaluate whether some parts were emptier than they should be.

“We cannot change things unless we are aware of them,” she said.

She also recommended four ways to put the oxygen mask on ourselves:

  1. Silence
  2. Gratitude
  3. Changing your thoughts
  4. Circle of influence

“Many of us have buried our genius under years of negativity, denial, or even rejection. Many of us lack the basic skills to even recognise what inspires, enlivens or energises us. It is possible to enable your employees to fully realise the greatness that is already within them,” said Colleen.

“You can definitely count on Colleen to find and utilise your greatness”; “Colleen’s talk inspired me to take responsibility for my own self-worth and happiness”; “This is what I needed to hear”, were just some of the comments made by enthusiastic and driven Caxton team members after the motivational talk.

Colleen’s expertise lies in coaching staff and teams to their next level (business), coaching individuals to their next level (life coach) and motivational speaking.

 Connect with Colleen on Facebook: or Linkedin:

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