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Support donation drive hosted by church

“If we each just do a little, give a little, we can reduce hunger and promote unity.”

The Phola Park Methodist Church is always trying to reach out to impoverished people in and around their community, but they strongly rely on the kindness of others to be able to do so.

Recently, a group from this church called the Young Man’s Guild, with the help of a few kind taxi drivers, travelled to Brackendowns and handed out food parcels and necessities to unemployed street dwellers.

Brackendowns is only one of many areas that receive this blessing.

BRACKENDOWNS: The Young Man’s Guild recently handed out breakfast parcels to hungry folk of Brackendowns. (Photo supplied)

Khaka Jaxa, representative of the church’s Department of Development and Social Responsibility (DDSR), hopes people who read this story will be inspired to also be kind, reach out and give a helping hand in their communities.

“If we each just do a little, give a little, we can reduce hunger and promote unity,” Khaka said. “This is the motto Young Man’s Guild lives by every day.”

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On October 6, the group will be having a donation drive at the Phola Park Methodist Church from 9am onwards. Here, community members can donate anything and everything they can that can be used by someone else – this can include clothes, food or toiletries.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated. After the drive, the donations will be distributed to impoverished people of Emalahleni.

Please contact Khaka on 067 001 4743 or Siyabonga Takela on 067 001 4743 if you’d like to help, or for more information.

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