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Alert: Temperatures expected to drop this weekend

Everyone is advised to be extra cautious when dealing with household energy sources going into the last part of the winter season.

The temperatures are expected to drop over the weekend in Gauteng.

Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) is warning residents to be vigilant when using heat energy sources to keep themselves warm.

Heat energy sources if not used properly can bring devastating consequences and in extreme cases lives can be lost.

Everyone is advised to be extra cautious when dealing with household energy sources going into the last part of the winter season.

Snow is expected along the Drakensberg mountains with the anticipation of low temperatures across Gauteng and other interior provinces.

Fires are caused by various things and can be set deliberately, accidentally or spontaneously.

They can happen at any given time throughout the year, however more fires happen in winter.

Fires can be caused either by heating, cooking or lighting sources.

In some instances, reaction between different chemicals mixed together, can result in a fire.

Leaving heating sources unmonitored, is predominately a common unsafe practise during winter.



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Placement of heaters near combustible materials can result in fires inside homes and subsequently, properties are destroyed and in extreme cases, lives are also lost.

• Keep matches and lighters away from children.

• Keep flammable liquids such as paraffin, petrol and others, away from all heat energy sources.

• Don’t refill generators while still hot. Avoid spillage as that can ignite the petrol and start the fire.

• Use appropriate equipment such as a liquid funnel to refill.

• Keep heaters away from combustibles. Don’t place any type of heater in a confined space.

• When using braziers, coal stoves or braai stands inside your home, please open a window for ventilation. Don’t sleep with any of them still in the house.

• Fireplaces need to be closely monitored as well. Chimneys need to be cleaned and be able to push smoke throughout to the atmosphere.

• Only approved LP Gas appliances should be used, and cylinders refilled by approved dealers as well.

• Always keep cylinders up-right and follow the manufacturer’s operational procedures.

• Makeshift heat sources should always be avoided.

• Illegal electrical connections are dangerous, the outcome can be fatal. Only qualified electricians should repair the electrical appliances.

• Never operate any household energy (heat) source under the influence of intoxicating substances.

Most fire incidents are caused by carelessness and a lack of understanding towards heat energy sources.

The attitude of the individual also contributes to the number of fires that are experienced.


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