New pedestrians bridge built in Ramaphosa

The community liaison officer, Mali Mluleki, said the project created employment for the community because about 35 people from Tedstoneville and Ramaphosa were hired.

Residents of Ramaphosa informal settlement will no longer have to cross a stream of water to go to work or school around Tedstoneville near Elsburg because a new bridge is being built.

Constructors started working on the bridge on May 10 and it is expected to be completed before the end August.

The pedestrian bridge is situated a few metres from Ramaphosa Clinic and it is 13m in length by 2.4m in width.


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Before the construction of the bridge, residents of Ramaphosa, including schoolchildren and commuters, used to walk through a makeshift bridge which was built to link the two areas.

Ward 42 Clr Eva Mgcwama said: “The bridge posed safety concerns for residents because of its unsteadiness, considering the stream of water underneath the bridge, hence the metro decided to build this permanent bridge.

“The aim of the bridge is to help residents of Ramaphosa who use trains and those people who work in nearby factories in Elsburg.

“There are also schoolchildren who live in Dukathole who attend schools in Ramaphosa who also use this bridge.

“We are quite excited that the new pedestrian bridge will be viable and safe for everyone to use.”

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