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Well, with the heavy burdening feeling of the proverbial albatross strung around everyone’s neck, one is soothed by the recent persistent downpours and the fact that the year is winding down, and we all look forward to a restful and peaceful festive season.

And with many of our learners in the primary and secondary grades already over and done with their year-end exams, and with some having their performances already made public, it may only be those who have not made it in the exams who will remain uncertain about the future. The rest of us forge ahead into the New Year.

However, the inability not to succeed should not necessarily translate into the end of their academic dreams.

Life goes on, as they say. So, let us all go back to our classrooms in the New Year and give it yet another try, making sure by the end of the 2020 academic year their dreams to make it to the top are achieved.


 How to register for 2019 matric results with the help of Caxton Local Media and the DBE

On the other hand, we also cannot pretend to be oblivious of the apprehensive mixed emotions of fear, and uncertainty coupled with the excitement of the minds of many Grade Rs who will take their first step into formal education. Let us pray and hope they will forge ahead, and make a success of their next 12 years of learning, and even up to tertiary education, and hopefully become future leaders of our nation.

Matric learners will in the meantime have no choice but to celebrate the festive season with grudging uncertainty as they await their results in January. As they wait, we hope they will, in due course, use the Kathorus Mail Matric Result link to access their results.

As for the rest of us, the working-class, it is this time of the year when, with our year-end bonuses bulging in our pockets, to travel to our different destinations around our beautiful Mzansi. As we do so, let us not drink and drive.

Worse still, let us not, through negligence, cause mayhem and tragedy on our roads this festive season. Let us remember to buckle up.

A rather troubling new phenomenon is emerging in the fight against drugs in our townships, and it is giving community leaders sleepless nights. A new crop of a young drug dealer, some of them young women, are fast becoming a trend. Law enforcement agencies need to pursue them in the New Year.

In the past few months since July, more than two dozen young drug dealers, all of them below the age of 35, have been arrested by the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) for dealing in drugs. This has led to several civic organisation and church leaders raising their concern about this new trend.

And the fact that young women, many of them of school-going age, are now lured into the drug trade, is making many parents worry about the impact of the drug culture in our communities.


 The Senzo Meyiwa murder mystery deepens

With only a week or two weeks left before Christmas, I must confess I am feeling rather disappointed that Police Minister Bheki Cele has again failed to fulfill his promise to the nation by arresting Senzo Meyiwa’s killers. They continue to walk our streets as free men.

And the fifth year of this investigation of this unsolved mystery murder draws to a close, one can only continue to wonder why a controversial lobby group is giving the Meyiwa’s family hope about seeking justice for their loved one, while our own policemen and women seem to have thrown in the towel, and abandoned the fight?

The editor and staff wish all our Kathorus MAIL readers a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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