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‘What happened to the ‘facts’?’

We are warned to be vigilant at all times to crime in our communities.

But when the police arrest a suspect, they are forced to release him because they have failed to gather enough evidence to make their case stick in court.

I am a woman and chances of me being murdered, just like the mother of four from Phola Park, and my case being thrown out of court because the investigating officer failed to gather the correct evidence is big.


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I find it repulsive and unacceptable that the family of Ntabiseng Bulwana should be wondering what happened to their daughter. The police cannot claim to be dealing in facts and not hearsay when they are unable to solve crimes. What happened to the “facts” they had when they arrested the suspect for the murder of Bulwana? Where has that evidence suddenly disappeared to, forcing them to release a suspect?

Susan Buthelezi

Thokoza Gardens


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