Taxi driver arrested for kidnapping and robbery

An off-duty security officer was recently robbed and kidnapped in a taxi on his way to buy school uniforms for his children.

According to EMPD media spokesperson Kobeli Mokheseng, the man was on his way to Joburg, and has he got into the minibus taxi he noticed there were four passengers inside, along with the driver.

As the taxi got onto the N12, a gun was pointed at him by one of the passengers, who then searched him and removed R2 050 in cash from him.

The assailants then took his cellphone and bank card, demanding his PIN, before he was dropped off along the N12 freeway in the Bedfordview area.


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Meanwhile, EMPD Drunk Driving Enforcement Unit officers deployed on freeways noticed a white Toyota Quantum dropping off commuters along the N12 freeway in the direction of Germiston.

Since this is illegal, the officers managed to stop the taxi with the intention of issuing the driver a citation. While EMPD officers were talking to the driver about the violation, an agitated pedestrian was running towards them, pleading with the officers to arrest the driver.

As the man reached the officers, he related his ordeal of how he was robbed by men travelling in the driver?s taxi and dumped on the side of the highway.

EMPD officers arrested the 25-year-old male taxi driver on a charge of armed robbery and kidnapping. He was escorted to Bedfordview SAPS, who took over the investigation.

The suspect appeared in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court, where his case was postponed to a later date pending further investigation.

EMPD urges community members to take heed of the following precautions before boarding public transport.

Make sure you know your regular driver.

Make sure you travel with people you know and are familiar with.

Wake up early and make sure you have everything you need before you leave home or prepare everything before going to bed.? Be cautious and courteous, greet people you commute with.

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