This is how Guzzle improves your shopping experience

Guzzle is a reliable retail shopping platform which has continued to improve consumer shopping experiences. How is this being done?

South Africa’s retail landscape is vast with a long list of retailers providing goods and services in diverse categories such as food, liquor and beverages, household goods, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, clothing, sports equipment, electronics and so much more.

This broad array of retailers and products available presents a challenge to consumers to make the best possible purchasing decision.

One reliable platform which is continuously improving the consumer shopping experiences is Guzzle. With recent stats standing at 6,894,607 unique users,14,066,306 sessions and 116,152,346 page views, it’s clear to see that Guzzle has become the go to resource for shopping.

How does Guzzle improve consumer shopping experience?

1.Guzzle is an aggregate platform with digital and print catalogues from South Africa’s leading retailers, this means consumers can rely on Guzzle to search for products in both digital and print formats, compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions.

2.The planning aspect of shopping can be nerve wrecking for many. With Guzzle, consumers have a reliable source of information regarding prices and product availability, this implies that you can plan your shopping in the comfort of your home and reference products and deals with ease.

3.Shopping for products and services is an ongoing household and business activity. This means not only do you need to enjoy your shopping now and access the best possible products, but you also need to consider the future. Guzzle allows users to set alerts for any future specials of interest. This means you don’t need to worry about forgetting to check on deals. You will be reminded when and if deals are available.

4.Money and affordability are at the heart of shopping. To any consumer, it’s about finding the best products at affordable prices which allows to save money. By gaining access to the best deals across the retail sector in South Africa, consumers are able to save a great deal of money.

5.The retail space is full of bargain hunters ready to buy at the shortest given opportunity. This means many buyers and consumers are left disappointed by missing out on special deals and promotions. Guzzle takes care of this by providing users with first access to amazing deals while there’s still stock in stores.

6.By aggregating catalogues from leading retailers, consumers no longer have to rush through retail doors wasting time searching for deals and great products. Guzzle provides convenience, you can find the best deals and products faster which will ultimately save you time.

7.Every consumer has his favourite or a number of favourite retail stores which can often be located in different places and even unavailable in certain parts of the country. With Guzzle, you don’t need to worry about where your favourite store is located and guess whether they have any deals or promotions, all top retailers are in one place on Guzzle.

From the points listed above, it’s clear to see why Guzzle has continued to record increased popularity with retail shoppers. Next time you think of planning your shopping, finding the best deals and making informed purchasing decisions, Guzzle should be your first consideration.

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