WATCH: Two accused denied bail in PPE fraud matter

Two accused were denied bail, 10 accused received bail of R20 000 each and three received bail of R5 000

The bail hearing of the 15 accused of fraud and corruption related to an R1.9-million PPE tender for the SAPS concluded on February 15.

During the proceedings, the Specialised Financial Crimes Court sitting in Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court heard the applications of the accused, 12 of which the State objected to being released on bail.

The objection by the State was based on the danger that these suspects would commit further schedule one offences.

The bail application of Salamina Khoza, Isaac Ngobeni and Brig Stephina Mahlangu was not opposed by the State and they were granted bail of R5 000 each. Their matter was postponed to March 29.

Bail granted

In the judgment that took place on February 15, bail was granted to 10 of the accused.

Bail was granted for alleged businessperson Lorette Joubert, Kumarasen Prithiviraj and Volan Prithiviraj, a former employee of the suppliers Maricha Joubert, former police officers Ramahlapi Mokwena, Lesetja Mogotlane, Veeran Naipal, Alpheus Makhetha and Kysamula Mabasa and SAPS clerk Marcell Marney.

The court found that these accused successfully appealed their case that there are substantial circumstances that warrant their release on bail. The accused were released on a bail of R20 000 each.

Bail denied

The court found that there was a high risk that two of the accused would commit further schedule one offences.

The court denied bail to both businessman Kishene Chetty and former police officer Brig James Ramanjalum.

The denial of their bail is based on information that these two accused allegedly committed corruption while being out on bail in other matters.

The court found there are no substantial circumstances that warrant their release on bail.

As part of the bail conditions of those released on bail were ordered to hand in their passports.

A further condition was that none of the accused are allowed to contact anyone from Muthray and Associates law firm, either directly or indirectly.

The reason for this request from the State was that some of the accused allegedly benefited from legal representation from the firm paid for by a company that is claimed to have unduly benefited from contracts within SAPS.

The matter has been postponed to all accused to March 29 for possible additional accused to be joined to the matter.

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