2 members of the MK party killed in Katlehong

The tragedy has sparked controversy and calls for thorough scrutiny as the community mourns the loss of two MK Party members.

Two uMkhonto we Sizwe Party (MK Party) members Xolani Ndzimande (40) and 32-year-old Bongani Mkhwanazi were gunned down by two men believed to be members of Ekurhuleni Thathazonke Anti-Crime Unit in Thwala Section in Katlehong on the evening on May 26.

Sipho Mkhwanazi, the father of Bongani, told Kathorus MAIL in an exclusive interview, that both were shot and killed when his son and Ndzimande dropped off members of the MK Party in Thwala Section after the party’s agent selection meeting.

“From what I heard, more than 30 Thathazonke members, believed to be associated with the ANC, aggressively approached my son and his fellow party members. My son and his fellow comrade fought against the men.

“Thereafter, two members of Thatazonke allegedly drew out their firearms and shot both my son and Ndzimande,” explained Mkhwanazi.

According to Mkhwanazi, his son’s friend Ndzimande died on the scene after he was shot.

“My son was taken with an ambulance to Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital and along the way, the ambulance stopped before the Vosloorus Police Station. I think the paramedics were trying to resuscitate him, but was declared dead when he arrived at the hospital.

“We are traumatised as the family about this whole incident, especially after we saw photos of both the deceased on the ground after being shot, which are circulating on social media platforms. We understand that people are trying to inform other people, but it is a bit insensitive towards us as the bereaved family,” expressed the grieving Mkhwanazi.

He added Bongani leaves behind a son and three siblings.

Vukile Nkabinde, a member of the MK Party, said it was very disturbing to see people who they thought were protecting the community to be the ones killing people within the community.

“Both the deceased have been loyal members of the MK Party from its inception. We like to send our condolences to their families,” said Nkibande.

The spokesperson of Thatazonke Anti-Crime Unit, Simphiwe Khumalo, explained the two unknown individuals were fighting with a taxi driver.

“Our members approached them and defused the situation, but the two men were not happy that our members intervened and defused the situation. One of the two men physically attacked our members, while the other man pulled out a firearm.

“Our member also pulled out a firearm in self-defence. He fired at the man who pulled out a firearm,” said Khumalo.

He mentioned the second man was aggressively approaching and wanted to disarm our member.

“It was at this point that our member had to discharge his firearm again. The discharging of the firearm was in self-defence and defence of the public in the area at the time of the incident.

“As the Ekurhuleni Thata Zonke Anti-Crime Unit, we are non-political, while we have members of different political organisations serving within the anti-crime unit. These individuals spend their time and resources in the fight against crime voluntarily,” Khumalo stated.

He added within their organisation, their leadership structure consists of politically active members.

“They are serving from local up to provincial level. We have a high political tolerance. It is for this reason we want to place it on record that the incident had nothing to do with politics.

“It is unfortunate there are those who want to turn this incident into a political game and score cheap political mileage. We call on the community to give the police space to deal with this matter and, if possible, to provide the police with any assistance in establishing all the facts,” he concluded.

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