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Eden Park High School receives 4 000 writing pens

As part of its commitment to education, BIC paid a visit to Eden Park High School last month to provide pens in a national education initiative Buy a Pen, provide a Pen.

BIC paid a visit to Eden Park High School on May 31 and donated 4 000 blue and red pens to more than 1 500 learners and teachers.

BIC officials were warmly welcomed by learners and staff.

BIC has contributed over 600 000 writing tools to 175 high schools and 186 primary schools, reaching more than 1 million learners and 40 000 teachers by 2024.

Since its inception in 2012, Buy a Pen, Donate a Pen has donated over 15 million basic writing equipment to South African learners.

For every pen sold in the country, BIC donates writing pens to learners in need. BIC has made a global commitment to improve learning circumstances for 250 million learners by 2025.

“We have witnessed the change and the impact that our programme has had over the past 14 years and are confident that we can further empower the community, year-on-year,” said Lilian Henderson, marketing director Southern and East Africa at BIC.

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