Cops make headlines for wrong reasons

I have a lot of friends who are policemen and women.

Through our long-standing relationship built over the years, by now I think I know just how much stress and pressure some of them are under both at work and some, even within their own families.

I think I would too, if my job involved having to deal with counting dead bodies at bloody accident scenes, comfort traumatised pensioners who have just witnessed the occupants of the cash van delivering their government grants at the local payment riddled with AK 47 bullets by a blood-thirsty gang of balaclava clad villains, assure countless victims of domestic abuse and violence that their perpetrator will be found soon, to stroking the dented ego of street-smart hooligans with a lousy attitude.

Please give our policemen and women a break!

Constance Mathebula

Nhlapho Section


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