Betway SA supports women golfers

Betway South Africa is proud to be taking yet another giant step towards advancing the cause for women athletes.

Through its Enterprise Development partner Awaneo Management and Consulting, the Super Group-owned online betting and gaming brand is working closely with the Sunshine Ladies Tour through the launch of a much-needed wellness programme for female golfers.

In response to the global trend of athletes facing off-the-field challenges that have gone on to have a direct impact on their performances, the newly launched programme comes at a crucial time for the selected group which is made up of 10 female golfers.

The 10-month programme is in full effect, with 10 golfers having access to services and facilities that will assist them to develop into better golfers and all-around individuals.

Some of the important aspects included in the wellness programme include financial assistance for tournament fees, access to psychologists and performance coaches, nutritional support as well as crucial services relating to health and wellness.

Speaking at the launch of the programme, held at the Johannesburg Country Club, Betway SA marketing manager David Rachidi said, “The ever-evolving nature and competitiveness of sport has reached a level that requires athletes to dig far deeper than their talent.

“For women golfers, in particular, the situation is far more challenging, with several golfers facing financial, mental and psychological obstacles while still having to show resilience and perform optimally.”

Welcoming the support from Betway, Sunshine Tour commissioner Thomas Abt said, “Player wellness is of paramount importance and coming off the back of a global pandemic, this wellness programme comes at an opportune time.

“The importance of such a programme can never be over-emphasised and thanks to caring brands such as Betway and Awaneo Management and Consulting, we continue to lay solid building blocks to grow and sustain women’s golf in South Africa.”

Thanking Betway for their continued support in making a difference through sport, Awaneo Management and Consulting managing director Matt Fendick said, “As a business focused on creating social impact in the South African sports industry, Awaneo Management & Consulting has been delighted to receive the backing of Betway in support of our the wellness programme.

“Collectively, we have managed to make a real difference in the lives of the Sunshine Ladies Tour golfers participating in the programme, and look forward to watching the benefits of this initiative play out in the years to come.”

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