Kia SA announces safety recall on select 2005 – 2009 Sorento and Sedona models

Kia has announced that it will be conducting a safety recall on 2 175 Kia Sorento (BL) and Grand Sedona (VQ) models that were built in Korea between 2005 - 2009. 

According to Kia, the safety recalls seeks to diagnose the vehicle’s ABS PCB relay block kit in the junction box, specifically on vehicles equipped with ABS and ESC (Electronic Stability Control).

Kia Sedona

There is a possibility that, over a period of time, oil or water may enter the power supply of the ABS module.

In some instances, this may cause vehicles to experience an electrical short on the ABS/ESC module, which could affect the vehicle’s braking performance.

Should the safety inspection find that water or oil has entered the power supply, the ABS PCB Relay Block Kit will be replaced. Should the vehicle’s ABS warning light come on prior to the safety inspection being carried out, customers are encouraged to immediately park the vehicle and contact their nearest Kia Motors dealership (

“Most of the reports about this problem have occurred in the U.S.A and Canada, and no instances of brake failure or engine fire in either of these vehicles are recorded in South Africa, says Suraiya Naidoo, Aftersales Director, Kia Motors South Africa.

“However, the safety credentials of our vehicles and the safety of its owners is a priority for us, and Kia Motors South Africa is therefore taking every precaution necessary to ensure all potentially affected vehicles are inspected and repaired urgently.”

Kia Sorento

The safety recall is only applicable to 1,288 Kia Sorento models manufactured in Korea between 14 December 2005 and 17 December 2009, as well as 887 Carnival/Sedona models manufactured in Korea between 10 June 2005 and 14 December 2009.

Apart from announcing the recall campaign on Kia Motors South Africa’s social media assets, the company will also make every effort to contact owners via SMS, e-mail and telephonic notifications.

If customers are uncertain about whether their vehicle could be affected, they can also do a VIN check via the vehicle campaign check functionality on, which allows customers to enter their vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to determine if it is affected by the recall campaign.

Alternatively, customers can contact the Kia Motors South Africa Customer Care Call Centre on 011 776 8800. Kia dealerships will implement the recall at no charge to the vehicle owner.

Source: Kia SA 

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